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Honey Parfait made with Glorious Granola

It was the big hit of last Saturday’s market, made with Glorious Granola's cranberry granola and honey & blackberries form Garey Farms in Paris, KY.  I came across all of these amazing ingredients while hanging out at the farmer’s markets this summer.  Its given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and get to know the community from a new perspective.  

A few weeks back Lori, creator of above said Glorious Granola, and her hubby Rich asked me to incorporate their product into one of my paletas, get a little cross promotion going.  I was hesitant at first because I already had a parfait paleta with my own brown sugar granola, but when Rich started talking about honey and Greek yogurt my wheels began turning and ideas churning and with a little trial and error the Honey Parfait was born.  

The first time around I used a honey flavored Greek yogurt to make the parfait, but the flavor was too tart.  Combined with the blackberries there just wasn’t enough sweet to go around.  Second time around I switched to a vanilla yogurt and was able to add my own discretion of honey for the perfect balance of sweet and tart. As much as I like my Fruit & Yogurt Parfait paleta, the Honey Parfait paleta is delicious, too!  I think I’ll just have to keep them both around.


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