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Flea Off Market

This past weekend was the first Flea Off Market of the season!  An exciting event for Louisville local bushiness, artists and street vendors alike and I was lucky enough to be able to attend.  You see, I usually work this market, and although I am surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things I don’t often have the luxury of leaving my booth space to wander into theirs.  Being as I am a warm season business I don’t open my imaginary doors for sales until April, leaving me free to enjoy this month’s market, getting to know, and rekindling friendships with, some of my fellow marketeers.  So, with my BFF and son in tow we headed down to E. Jefferson for an afternoon of great fun and food.  

After two new shirts, a belly full of poutine and treats for my son, in the form of new Vans and a flower balloon from John The Balloon Guy, we called it a day.  A little early, I know, but I really had to go and a singular port-a-pot accompanied by a long line of men was not an appealing option to end the afternoon.  So I guess the only down side to this amazing market is it’s amazingly bad option for restrooms.  But not to fret, my spoils were well worth the struggle to not pee my pants on the ride home.

A big thank you to Bourbon Built.  Bless Your Hearts and love your shirts.  And Rob at French Indo-Canada for the amazing short ribs, I’ve been thinking long and hard since the market and I think they’re the best I’ve ever had.  Can’t wait ‘til next month!

The 365 Project

This week my family was featured in “The 365 Project”.  This project is a self declared challenge by Louisville-based photographer Lance Nelson Porter to post one new black-and-white portrait every day for 365 days.  

By clicking on each of the photos you can go directly to our individual pages on his site.  Lance is keeping track of the most viewed photos so help us out and take a click!  

Day #159: Kellan Emge (me!)

Day #160: Scott Emge (my hubby!)

Day #161: Elom Emge (our son!)

Check out Lance’s work by following him on twitter or check out his blog at  If you want to be one of his 365 subjects email him at!

Foxhollow Farm Store

For those of you who have been asking where you can find my paletas I have good news…. You can now find them in the Foxhollow Farm Store! 


Foxhollow Farm is a 1300 acre farm of bio-dynamic agriculture, farm fresh produce and grass-feed beef located off 329 bypass in Crestwood, KY.  Their Farm Store holds on-site and local produce, meats and goods.  They even have a cafe, serving lunch Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm.  Check out more about Foxhollow on their website, facebook page and twitter. 

My paletas can be found in the Foxhollow Farm Store, currently in stock are: Blackberry Nectarine, Peach and fan favorite Mexican Chocolate!



Edible Louisville


Paleta Pop Culture has been featured in the July/August 2012 issue of Edible Louisville, a magazine dedicated to the art and enjoyment of local food.  


After submitting photos of my paletas to their local facebook page they were interested enough to continue with the coverage.  Check it out by clicking here.  

Thanks for all the love!

Caramelized Banana w/ Toasted Coconut

I am so excited to share this beautiful paleta with you.  I’ve been working on this recipe for a few weeks now, trying to work all the kinks to make sure it is perfect for its debut this week.  I’m doing this one for my friend Steven from my Saturday market, he’s a self proclaimed banana fanatic!  And what’s better than banana?  Banana caramelized in butter and cane sugar with pan toasted coconut.  Yummy!

I start this recipe by melting butter with evaporated cane sugar in a large pan, then adding sliced bananas when the butter mixture is hot and bubbling.  I cooked the bananas for a few minutes on each side, until they were the color of caramel and shinny.  (Its hard to see in these pictures, the lighting was bad, but let your imagination run wild.)


I then transferred the bananas to the blender where I added milk, cinnamon and the toasted coconut to the mixture.  I think toasting the coconut was my favorite part of this process.  I used the same pan as the bananas to do this.  So with bits of caramelized butter and cane sugar stuck to the pan I threw in a hand full of shredded coconut and let the heat do the rest of the work.  I would like to refer to this as perfection.  

A whirl in the blender and the mixture was ready to pour into molds and freeze.  The final product is a creamy, decadent experience that is just too good to miss.  You have to try one of these!  


Honey Parfait made with Glorious Granola

It was the big hit of last Saturday’s market, made with Glorious Granola's cranberry granola and honey & blackberries form Garey Farms in Paris, KY.  I came across all of these amazing ingredients while hanging out at the farmer’s markets this summer.  Its given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and get to know the community from a new perspective.  

A few weeks back Lori, creator of above said Glorious Granola, and her hubby Rich asked me to incorporate their product into one of my paletas, get a little cross promotion going.  I was hesitant at first because I already had a parfait paleta with my own brown sugar granola, but when Rich started talking about honey and Greek yogurt my wheels began turning and ideas churning and with a little trial and error the Honey Parfait was born.  

The first time around I used a honey flavored Greek yogurt to make the parfait, but the flavor was too tart.  Combined with the blackberries there just wasn’t enough sweet to go around.  Second time around I switched to a vanilla yogurt and was able to add my own discretion of honey for the perfect balance of sweet and tart. As much as I like my Fruit & Yogurt Parfait paleta, the Honey Parfait paleta is delicious, too!  I think I’ll just have to keep them both around.


Louisville Farmer’s Market at Landis Lakes w/ Food Trucks & Live Music!

A big thank you goes to John and everyone with the Louisville Farmer’s Market for putting on a great event at Landis Lakes Towne Center today.  I walked away with a few more followers, a full belly of great food and even a few pears.  

I have to give love to the band that played in the 100+ heat, and did it with smiles on their faces.  Live jazz music from Champion Farm.  Be sure to check them out on facebook!  Click here for a link to their page.  Even my son loved them, he couldn’t stop staring.  It was so cute I had to take a picture.  


In addition to the live music and fresh farm produce there was some great food to find at this event.  First, my paletas of course.  I debuted Strawberry Basil and had an awesome response.  Almost sold out of ‘em, but my hubby showed up half way through with reinforcements to replenish my supply.  Although, I did sell out of Sour Plum and my ‘Off the Board’ special: Blackberry.  


In addition to my amazing paletas my hubby and I were able to have a dinner meant for the gods.  We split a brick oven Greek pizza with taziki sauce from Blue Grass Brick Oven, a B&B (bacon and brie) burger from Grind, and a Mango Chili paleta from me!  It was delicious and the perfect way to finish out a great event.

A big thank you to everyone who came out and showed your love today.  And a little thank you to those who thought about it but didn’t end up making it out (I know, it was really hot, but I still love you too).

For more event locations and times for this week click here.  See you soon!

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