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Louisville Farmer’s Market at Landis Lakes w/ Food Trucks & Live Music!

A big thank you goes to John and everyone with the Louisville Farmer’s Market for putting on a great event at Landis Lakes Towne Center today.  I walked away with a few more followers, a full belly of great food and even a few pears.  

I have to give love to the band that played in the 100+ heat, and did it with smiles on their faces.  Live jazz music from Champion Farm.  Be sure to check them out on facebook!  Click here for a link to their page.  Even my son loved them, he couldn’t stop staring.  It was so cute I had to take a picture.  


In addition to the live music and fresh farm produce there was some great food to find at this event.  First, my paletas of course.  I debuted Strawberry Basil and had an awesome response.  Almost sold out of ‘em, but my hubby showed up half way through with reinforcements to replenish my supply.  Although, I did sell out of Sour Plum and my ‘Off the Board’ special: Blackberry.  


In addition to my amazing paletas my hubby and I were able to have a dinner meant for the gods.  We split a brick oven Greek pizza with taziki sauce from Blue Grass Brick Oven, a B&B (bacon and brie) burger from Grind, and a Mango Chili paleta from me!  It was delicious and the perfect way to finish out a great event.

A big thank you to everyone who came out and showed your love today.  And a little thank you to those who thought about it but didn’t end up making it out (I know, it was really hot, but I still love you too).

For more event locations and times for this week click here.  See you soon!

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